Digital Finance

Digitalization is the door we are walking through to replace existing processes and structures, to simplify, accelerate, automate and also make them more transparent. And all areas of our lives are affected. Business, industry, society. But technical developments not only change how we live together. They change the world we live in. At Nagler & Company, we see this as an opportunity - and together with our clients, we are reshaping the future.

The detailed challenges of implementation are different for every company, but efficiency always plays an essential role. Today, processes are increasingly automated along the entire value chain, for example with the help of machine learning, voice assistants, robotic process automation and natural language processing. And thus more efficient. This shows that customer loyalty and the targeted expansion of customer segments can often be optimized. The basis for this is a bank-specific understanding of your processes (end2end) and IT architectures as well as your organizational structures on the one hand, and the know-how of the methodical approaches and technical implementation options that are commonly understood as digitalization on the other.

We support our customers with innovative concepts, agile project management and design thinking. For individual process and system landscapes in which companies intuitively find their way.

To cope with the complexity of these tasks, we work in interdisciplinary teams. Our employees are experts in economics, IT, physics and mathematics - for 360-degree solutions that take both technical and social change into account. And thus ensure sustainable process optimization.

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Best Practice

In the age of digitalization, many companies are recognizing the advantages of agile working methods. Be it driven by necessary process optimization or by the wishes of the employees themselves.

Future Check

Digitization enables the implementation of new ideas, products and services and offers new opportunities in various business fields. It is currently changing entire industries and is currently considered one of the central challenges for the economy and financial industry.


The constant adjustments to the system landscape due to new internal or regulatory requirements entail changes to data and data streams. This leads to the necessity of checking the qualitative and secure behavior of internal applications and interfaces.


Quality assurance through an external view.
What is usually not the case with projects.

Robotic Process Automation

In the era of digital change, automation is one of many ways to underpin the development of IT innovations.