Robotic Process Automation

In the era of digital change, automation is one of many ways to underpin the development of IT innovations.

With an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software it is possible to create programs without programming knowledge, which can relieve people of repetitive and rule-based work steps. The creation of professional freedom for employees, quickly usable results, easy adaptability to changing conditions and long-term optimization and scaling possibilities are characteristic advantages of software robots.

Software robots can be easily adapted to keep pace with changing regulatory requirements or to adapt to changing IT environments. They ensure faster delivery and lower error rates, enabling financial services providers to compete with more agile competitors.

Depending on the supplier, there are two types of robot that can be used:

  • „Unattended“ or unsupervised robots: These robots operate independently, requiring no human intervention or interaction.
  • „Attended“ or supervised robots: These robots require human intervention and interaction. They perform redundant subtasks within a process chain.

In order to successfully implement automation, experience in this area is required in addition to the analysis of dependencies, requirements and process steps. With our experience and the partnership with UiPath, we are ideally equipped for this.


  • Cost savings
  • Productivity gains
  • Business agility
  • Quality improvements
  • Competitive advantages
  • Flexibility
  • Accelerated innovation

In the spirit of „Change is constant“, we look forward to your interest and a first exchange.

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