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The world is fast moving. The financial industry is constantly changing as well. Exciting developments, complex challenges and new markets everywhere. It's quite easy to lose your orientation. We, Nagler & Company, know where to go anyway. We are the consulting experts of the financial industry. Compass for the leaders. Thanks to our experience and our employees' know-how. With their professional and technical understanding they are navigating our clients safely to the haven: the goals we have decided upon as a team.


Our area of expertise:

interdisciplinary consulting

We have been working in the financial industry for more than 20 years – this is why we exactly know that we can't know everything. This industry is way too complex, so specialisation is most important. At Nagler & Company we concentrate on five areas: Asset Management & Buy-Side, Front Office, Risk and Analytics, Market & Reference Data and Regulatory Reporting. Bank and insurances, that turn to us, can be assured to get the best consulting. For sure.


in all phases

As a rule clients come to us because we know the rules of the financial industry. Professionally and technically. We don't just advise our clients in the areas of trading and market data systems as well as risk management, we support you in the selection and implementation of the appropriate software solution. From the choice of the right system to the implementation of the company's IT. From analyses to zero problems in collaborating. From A to Z, that is.

You are looking for challenges.

We are looking for you.

We advise the financial industry. A complex and dynamic industry with worldwide markets – exciting and ambitious. We monitor the fast developments of markets and recognise their new challenges. A job only masterminds can manage. And we need more of them. The tasks are namely growing. And so is our company.


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