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Financial institutions need constant access to current, accurate and meaningful market data to carry out profitable trading and sound risk management. New stock exchanges and markets spring up all the time and the quantity of data in circulation is growing exponentially. The increasing number of sources, and ever more complex business and risk-management environment demand both intelligent processing and structuring methods, as well as powerful technology.

We know exactly what the market and our customers need, and we supply the market data built for these needs. Our consultants know the most effective ways to capture, process and distribute the data. They monitor the data flow, assess its quality and ensure its availability in the form it's needed. Their key task is building and adapting entire infrastructures. Our operating teams prepare data health checks, draft concepts and specifications, and collect the information needed to select the appropriate system design and build it. Our deep knowledge of systems and our rich technical portfolio (Asset Control, SunGard Fame etc.) proves our expertise in this field; a field which impacts all areas of banking.

Speed, quality and accuracy are uncompromising requirements; so the challenges we face are significant. Our consultants' proven and repeated performance in major projects for leading international institutions proves their ability to meet these challenges. Their efficiency and implementation skills keep projects moving swiftly forward. This is what makes the difference in new-product processes, where a head-start in time-to-market can give you the edge. Nagler & Company guarantees dependable quality in a volatile environment, so that our customers always have access to valuable data and can operate successfully on the market.

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