The constant adjustments to the system landscape due to new internal or regulatory requirements entail changes to data and data streams. This leads to the necessity of checking the qualitative and secure behavior of internal applications and interfaces.

For this purpose Nagler & Company has developed NCDiff, a tool for value comparison of structured data, in order to detect deviating functionality in case of changes. In other words, iterative tests can be executed and compared with the expected values. The generation of reports provides information about the differences found, so problems can be analyzed and solved directly.

The following features distinguish NCDiff from conventional line-by-line comparisons with a text editor or a corresponding command line tool:

  • Platform-independent and easy to extend through the implementation in Python
  • Comparison of different file formats, e.g. a CSV file with an Excel sheet
  • Ad-hoc comparisons
  • File-based sorting to compare large files quickly and easily
  • Rows/columns do not have to occur in the same order or position within the files
  • To start automated comparisons on a regular basis to track iterative improvements


  • Seamless test management integration
  • Continuous life cycle management
  • Minimization of operational risk
  • Reduced demand on manual tasks
  • Documentation of test runs
  • High level of automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Compare large amounts of data in small amount of time

We at Nagler & Company support you with our implementation competence during the implementation as well as the establishment of know-how about NCDiff in your company.

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