Regulatory Reporting

The expansion of reporting systems and regulatory requirements for credit institutions has prompted an increase in demand for consulting.

Today's demands for timely, thorough and precise data on earnings and risk are unprecedented. Regulators, investors, the media, and political decision-makers expect transparency and visibility deep into the business profiles and risk capacities of credit institutions. The result: banks need stringent reporting systems to satisfy all the new requirements.

With the elevated awareness of market participant and observers, the pressure grows on institutions' management to demonstrate modern control mechanisms, and to identify and address risks early on.

A detailed discussion of Basel III can be found here.
Further regulatory developments are discussed here.


We optimize your reporting.

We do this by reducing complexity and increasing flexibility. This gives you the agility to react to new demands from regulators, and a reporting structure that fits to both your business and your corporate structure.

In the face of the diverse challenges in the banking industry, we have proven our professional and technical prowess at finding the right solution.

Our solid technical expertise with regulatory reporting, combined with our experience in related areas such as risk management and accounting, enables us to implement business requirements in reporting architecture. We support you in the realization of national, European and international regulatory standards, including Basel III, CRD IV, CRR, FINREP, COREP MaRisk FinaV.

Additionally, we would be glad to help you investigate the effects that these new and changed systems may have on your existing processes and capital base.