Quality assurance through an external view

What is usually not the case with projects:

  • Project and line organization function without conflict
  • The project manager has all necessary capacities, competences and decision-making powers
  • Steering committee and board regularly receive a clear, comprehensible picture of the project status

Projects - whether large or small, classic or agile, geographically dispersed or locally focused - are always subject to extensive complexity. Whether it is due to the task at hand, changing requirements or difficult communication channels, the degree of complexity is always greater than provided for in the original planning.

A project review is used to review a completed project or to consider a project "in-flight". The former aims to learn from the experience gained for future projects. The second is to highlight strengths as well as identify weaknesses and enable a targeted corrective intervention before the end of the project.

Based on the methodology developed by Nagler & Company for the implementation of project reviews, for both types

  • all critical aspects are considered and subjected to an in-depth analysis
  • hard metrics are derived for individual areas
  • clear, graphical presentation of the project status is provided
  • directly implementable measures are derived, which can be presented to the decision makers in a clear and concise form


  • complexity reduction
  • monitoring of results by external experts
  • quality improvements
  • cost reduction
  • process optimization

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