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Digitization enables the implementation of new ideas, products and services and offers new opportunities in various business fields. It is currently changing entire industries and is presently considered one of the central challenges for the economy and financial industry.

Technological solutions enable previously unthinkable levels of products and services. The modernization of existing - as well as the development of new - products, services and business processes and customer relations and communication in the B2B and B2C sectors are just a few examples of how the digital transformation is changing economic structures. Cloud Computing/Banking, Big Data, Blockchain Technology, Social Media, collaborative working and Crowdfunding are only a small selection of new developments, the effects of which are currently being intensively and controversially discussed in the course of digitalization. For companies, this results in both opportunities and risks.

We at Nagler & Company offer you the opportunity to get to know your company better and to develop new ideas that open new horizons in the digital world during a two-day event. Let us work out together how you can make your company more efficient and economical with new possibilities in different business areas and markets.

With the expertise of Nagler & Company you stay on the right - digital - track.


1. Basics of digitization

  • Framework Digitization
  • Inspiring Case Studies: See & Learn!

2. Digital Strategy & Culture

  • Customer and employee relations
  • Communication Technologies
  • innovation management

3. Digital infrastructure & products

  • Process Management
  • Digital Tools
  • Big Data

4. Discussion round

  • Recognizing digitization potential
  • Use digitization potential

5. Lessons learned & action plan


  • Discussions with our experts
  • External view of your company
  • Detailed external evaluation of your company
  • Interdepartmental exchange
  • Trends and challenges of digitization
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