Our Benefits

The tasks in the consultancy are challenging. We want you to do your best with us. That's why Nagler & Company supports you in the best way and gives you freedom to shape your professional and personal development.

High collegiality

The working environment at Nagler & Company is shaped by team spirit, collaboration within the project team, and a back office that makes professional support its priority. On regularly scheduled Company Days all of our consultants come together to exchange experiences.

Trainings & Coachings

Nagler & Company offers a first-class subject-specific and technical training program for young professionals as well as a mentor’s program, development of personality measures and individual coaching.

Free choice of residence

You work on customer projects on site, in your office location, or use our flexible working models. To achieve achieves top performance at work, you must be able to relax in your free time. Therefore your private social environment is also important. Nagler & Company offers you the option to live where you feel most comfortable.

Flat organization

Direct and personal contact with your supervisor gives our consultants the ability to obtain regular feedback and individual, personal career management and chances for a quick promotion.

Flexible working time & sabbaticals

Nagler & Company doesn’t use time clocks. We have always used trust concerning working time. We attach high priority to personal responsibility with time management. Furthermore we support you in your planning of sabbaticals, study vacations, or in-service training.

Modern technical equipmen

Nagler & Company provides state of the art notebooks, computers and smartphones as work equipment. Every employee has a mobile flat rate which is free for private use. Our colleagues from IT are always there for you and keep everything running.

Generous salary & social benefits

In addition to your fixed salary you are also eligible for a bonus salary based on your personal performance, a generous company pension scheme, tax-free payment of expenses, and 30 days annual vacation plus special leave.

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Verena Mühl

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Carmen Rossegger

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