At Nagler & Company there is no up-or-out concept or mandatory path for your career development. All employees have the ability to develop personally and gather their own experience within the company.

Johannes Raab


Starting as an intern at Nagler & Company, I was already able to gain valuable on-site project experience with clients. On my career path, I have taken on increasing responsibility for projects, topic development as well as clients and have developed personally, not least thanks to the trust placed in me and the excellent leadership - all the way to Director.

Stefanie Ruschke

Senior Consultant

At Nagler & Company, I received the best possible support from the planning of my parental leave to my return to work. In particular, a flexible part-time model allows me to organize my working hours in a family-friendly way.

Lucijan Ilic

Senior Consultant

My first steps at Nagler & Company were made easier for me during the first half of the year by the mentoring. Because of specific and personal support I was able to start over from the beginning and quickly take over independent tasks in my project team.

Julian Heinz


Nagler & Company has convinced me especially by the family atmosphere and the collegial cohesion. I also appreciate the opportunity to combine my professional development with my PhD project in the field of Financial Data Science & Analytics. Nagler & Company offers me the optimal flexibility and support to successfully complete my doctorate.

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Verena Mühl

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Carmen Rossegger

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Sabrina Kadiric

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