in the financial industry

Process Mining enables data-based visualization and analysis of the actual process chains and creates the basis for efficient and fast process optimization.

Celonis is the global market leader in Process Mining. The innovative technology analyses business processes based on the digital traces left behind by each IT-supported transaction. From front-, mid- and back-office activities, almost all processes of a financial service provider can be visualized and analyzed with Celonis. The intuitive and interactive interface of the analysis tool allows a quick detection of cost driving and inefficient deviations (e.g. loops or bottlenecks). Furthermore, a drilldown into the individual process steps is possible for detailed analysis.

Documentation and visualization of the actual processes provide a high degree of transparency and understanding. Highly complex processes, which run across several IT systems, can be analyzed with the interactive and individually designable user interface. This results in numerous use cases for the application of Celonis in the financial services sector:

  • Identification of time and cost saving potentials
  • Eliminate manual intervention and increase the level of automation
  • Ensuring compliance with risk and compliance requirements
  • Continuous and individual KPI monitoring

As a consulting partner of Celonis with many years of experience in the financial industry, we know the industry-specific requirements exactly. In addition to technical expertise, our team also has the necessary understanding in terms of process analysis and the development of the data basis as well as the special regulatory requirements of data governance and IT infrastructure. In order to ensure a target-oriented implementation of Celonis in your company, we will be happy to assist you with all our project-proven expertise.


  • Automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Visualization
  • Competitive advantages
  • Process Excellence

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