FIS1 Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform is a corporate system for the financial industry to provide the trader business for managing and operating exposures, across multiple asset classes.

FIS1 Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform is a product of FIS1, founded 1968, which has more than 55,000 worldwide employees and 20,000 customers in more than 130 countries.

Project summary

Decommission the existing back-office connection with Front Arena2 SubLedger components using Front Arena2 Accounting (FAA).
Integrate the Front Arena2 Accounting base setup into the bank's technical landscape, migrate the back-office interface to IBM WebSphere MQ (Message Queue).

Nagler & Company tasks

As a consulting company experienced in Front Arena2 and a well-known partner of the bank, Nagler & Company took on the following project tasks:

  • Perform a feasibility study and develop a prototype for interest rate swaps in Front Arena2 Accounting
  • Design, implement and perform automated regression tests comparing the new and old system
  • Technical realization of the bookkeeping process and expansion of the existing logic to enrich bookkeeping data
  • Adapt and extend the connection to the existing accounting system
  • Develop a communication bridge to IBM WebSphere MQ


By completing a feasibility study and building a prototype, we identified the most important differences between Front Arena2 SubLedger and Front Arena2 Accounting. In addition, this highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of both systems for the client. Using this knowledge, the Front Arena2 basic setup was integrated surgically into the bank's existing technical landscape, allowing for the development of a clean and flexible interface design. Nagler & Company chose a component-oriented approach to build the interface. Because the target system would be changed independently of this project, the old system needed to be easily replaceable at any time with the components from the new interface. With the help of of a diverse tool set, including NCDiff and several Python frameworks, Nagler & Company was able to pursue an effective, pragmatic and goal-oriented execution phase. Solution FAA IR swap setup Custom columns in ADFL and Python Creation of tasks in Front Arena2 to enrich FAA Journal data Development of interfaces for accounting Conversion of the enriched data into the format of the inventory accounting system Connection of Front Arena2 to IBM WebSphere MQ and PYMQI System designed for parallel operation of SubLedger and FAA Component-oriented design to easily convert between file and messaging connectivity

Client benefits

With the creation of the FAA prototype, the client got a solution that significantly reduced system complexity. Storing all accounting-relevant data in a central FA database improves maintainability, and new requirements for the accounting logic can be implemented and tested more efficiently in FAA. Through the simple and generic structure of FAA's interface to the target system, future enhancements are much easier to perform. Nagler & Company's emphasis on best practices and reducing complexity were crucial to the success of the project.

1 formerly Sungard
current FIS Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform