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Design, implementation, validation and integration of new pricing module for exotic derivatives into inventory management system using web service architecture.



Fincad F3


Project Summary

Integrate daily price of exotic FX derivatives in process flow of inventory management system. Pricing directly was not possible in inventory management system.
Implementation of external pricer and providing interfaces to inventory management system.


Nagler & Company tasks

  • Specification and analysis of required instruments
  • Implementation of prototype in Excel
  • Implementation of pricer in Java
  • Validation of prices
  • Performance optimization



Specify the catalogue of products with all possible features. Select the pricing model, the calibration strategy and the set of calibration instruments. Implement prototype of model and pricer (with F3 Excel Edition). After successful tests of this prototype, re-implement solution in Java (Fincad F3 SDK) and put onto a server (IBM Websphere). Design and implement interface for exporting market- and product data from inventory management system, build interface for importing derivatives prices into the inventory management system.



  • Prototype and validation within Excel using F3 plugin
  • Derivatives pricer (based on Fincad F3 SDK) as web service
  • Interface for market data/product data, export from bank's inventory management system
  • Interface for importing prices into inventory management system


Client benefit

By connecting to an external pricer, the bank can extend the power of its trading system without the need for major changes in the bank's IT system architecture. At the same time, the portfolio valuation remains consistent, because market data is sourced from the bank's inventory management system. Because of the modular set-up, extensions of the solution with a growing product catalogue are feasible.