Nagler & Company is the partner for a successful implementation of Celonis in the financial sector. Due to our long experience in the financial industry we know the industry-specific requirements. Within the scope of numerous projects we have already supported our customers in process optimization in the banking environment.

For process analysis and implementation of Celonis technology in the financial sector, our team has the necessary knowledge:

  • Banking expertise
  • Know-how regarding the core processes of financial institutions
  • Knowledge of special regulatory requirements (IT infrastructure, data governance, reporting requirements)
  • Celonis Certifications

In addition to technical expertise and system implementation, we offer professional project management that plans, manages and controls extensive tasks efficiently, reliably and on schedule.

Why Process Mining in the banking environment?

In the context of digital transformation and increasing cost pressure, banks face the challenge of making processes leaner and more efficient. The decisive question is not whether processes can be optimized, but where the greatest potential for improvement lies. Process Mining enables analysis and visualization of the actual processes and provides data-driven and fact-based recommendations for efficient process optimization.

Why Celonis?

Celonis is the global market leader in Process Mining and provider of Enterprise Performance Acceleration Software. Meanwhile, global players from all industries transform their operational processes with Celonis. The advanced technology reconstructs business processes based on the digital traces left behind by each IT-supported transaction. From front-, mid- and back-office activities, almost all processes of a bank can be visualized and analyzed with Celonis. The intuitive and interactive user interface of the analysis tool allows a quick detection of cost driving and inefficient deviations (e.g. loops or bottlenecks). Furthermore, a drilldown into the individual process steps is possible for detailed analysis. In addition, individual KPIs can be created and monitored over time, allowing the effects of the measures introduced to be tracked directly.

Added value

The main advantages of using Celonis are the gained transparency of the actual processes as well as the cost reduction resulting from optimization measures. With the help of Process Mining, banks gain a fact-based and quantifiable overview of how their processes work in reality, in addition to an increased understanding of the structure of their processes. This transparency is the basis for resource optimization and cost reduction. Transformation projects can also be managed on this basis with a high-quality database. In addition, every adjustment in the processes can be checked and evaluated for its effectiveness.

Our service

If you are interested in Process Mining or the use of Celonis in particular, please contact us! We support you from the initial analysis and commissioning to the analysis of the processes and the development of recommendations for action. In addition, we organize workshops and individual trainings at our locations or at your site.