in the financial industry

By using Tableau, banks and insurance companies can meet the constantly growing demand for automated reports for both internal and external addressees.

As one of the market leaders in Analytics and Business Intelligence, Tableau offers an end-to-end analytics platform with a complete product portfolio. Tableau's products are characterized by the patented VizQL technology and the associated user-friendly and intuitive operation via drag & drop. At the same time, the high-performance hyper technology enables high-performance analysis even with large amounts of data.

In the financial industry, Tableau is perfectly suited, but not limited to, ad hoc reporting. Tableau offers a high degree of efficiency and flexibility as a standard reporting front-end due to the interactive use of reports and the simple and secure provision via Tableau Server.
There are numerous instances where Tableau would be of use in the banking sector:

  • Daily limit monitoring (definition of threshold values, tracking of outliers, drill-down for detailed analysis)
  • Portfolio overview (presentation of portfolio key figures and segments)
  • Data quality assurance (identification of faulty mappings)
  • Delta analysis (key date comparison, top N filter)

As Tableau's consulting partner with many years of experience in the banking sector, we know exactly what the industry-specific requirements are. In addition to technical expertise, our team also has the necessary understanding of the modeling of the data basis as well as the special regulatory requirements of data governance and IT infrastructure. To ensure a target-oriented implementation of Tableau in your company, we will be happy to provide you with all our project-proven expertise.


  • Automation
  • Quality improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Fast flow of information
  • Flexibility / Capacity to act
  • Competitive advantages

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